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Claudia Freddi

Architect and Designer

    Claudia Freddi is an Italian architect and designer.

    She lives between New York, Paris and Rome.​

    From the beginning, she was fascinated by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, fascinated that he was designing every single detail of his architectural creatures and inspired by him to do the same.

    “From the spoon to the city” (Ernesto Nathan Roger) is her conceptual guide and she has lived so far in three different countries, believing that creation is best fueled by the mix of different cultures.

    It is not difficult to find the coexistence of Italian, French, Scandinavian, British or Japanese influences and details in her design.

    She likes to work with natural and raw materials, with scrap wood and recycled metals, combined together in minimal but yet cozy results, and her design is the research of a continuous marriage between past and present, antique and modern, restorations and new creations.

    Passionate  about vintage and about the story that an antique piece of furniture or material or fabric will always be able to tell, past lives again or takes on new forms in her design, with the help of skilled artisans.

    She grew up in the centre of Rome, surrounded by all sorts of incredible artisans, and no matter the fact that those are nowadays becoming rare figures, she would never give up on them.

    Tradition is for her just as important as new techniques. 


    SLOBS GALLERY, Milan, Italy

    • Exhibition, 2002

    SALON DU MEUBLE DE PARIS, Paris, France 

    • Design Lab, 1/2007 


    • Talent Zone, 5/2007 


    • Greenhouse, 2/2009 

    MIA Showroom, Rome, Italy

    • Exhibition, 2008

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